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Anxiety mounts over Khaid’s health condition

.....doctors say situation is critical - Source

Nigerian singer Khaid, born Sulaimon Shekoni Solomon, has found himself in a dire situation as reports emerged of his critical condition in a local hospital.

The Anabella singer, renowned for his vibrant musical performances, was rushed to a medical facility yesterday, raising concerns among fans and industry peers alike.

Though specifics regarding Khaid’s ailment remain unconfirmed, there are whispers suggesting the possibility of internal bleeding.

Per Second News gathered that there has been no official medical statement verifying this speculation.

Nonetheless, a source close to the singer’s associate revealed the severity of the situation.

A video clip of the singer observed by Per Second News showed Khaid wreathing in pain as he was rushed into the facility.

Another source said medical professionals are fighting desperately to save the artist’s life.

It appears that Khaid may have ingested a toxic substance, leading to a deterioration in his health.

Doctors have reportedly acknowledged the gravity of his condition, indicating the necessity of surgical intervention to stabilize him.

The news of Khaid’s hospitalization has sent shockwaves through the Nigerian music scene, with fans and colleagues rallying for support and solidarity.

As prayers and well-wishes pour in from all corners, the focus remains squarely on the singer’s recovery.

Source – PerSeondNews



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