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Sports Minister Says Ministry to Promote National Health and Wellness, Gives Support for Oil And Gas Industry Games

Oru Leonard 

The Honourable Minister of Sports Development, Senator John Owan Enoh has emphasized that increased involvement in sports has become expedient, as it will not only enhance individual health and fitness but also contribute to reduced national expenditure on healthcare.

The Minister made the remarks as he pledged his support for the upcoming 19th edition of the Nigerian Oil And Gas Industry Games, scheduled to take place from April 21 to 27, 2024, in Abuja. He reiterated the broader societal benefits of promoting sports participation, and thanked the oil and gas industry for contributing to health and wellness through sports.

Senator Enoh commended the consistency demonstrated by the organizers in hosting the 19th edition of the Games. This remarkable milestone underscores the enduring legacy of the event and its significance within the Nigerian sports landscape. He also emphasized that by encouraging more people to embrace an active lifestyle, the nation can collectively work towards building a healthier and more resilient country.

The Games organizers explained their noble vision to empower wellness and ignite productivity within the industry. By fostering a culture of physical activity and healthy competition, they aim to promote overall well-being among participants while also enhancing productivity in the workplace

In line with these objectives, the Ministry of Sports Development is exploring initiatives to further promote sports and fitness awareness on a national scale. One such initiative is the proposed annual National Sports and Fitness Day, which aims to elevate awareness of mental, physical, and emotional well-being across the country.

As the countdown to the 19th Edition of the Nigerian Oil And Gas Industry Games begins, the Ministry of Sports Development reaffirms its commitment to championing sports development and promoting a healthier, more active nation. Thirteen companies from the Nigerian Oil And Gas industry are taking part in the upcoming Games. Their commitment underscores the collaborative spirit and shared dedication to fostering a culture of sports excellence in the nation. The delegation was led by the chairlady of the 19th edition of oil and gas industry games by Dr ifeyiwa mojo-Eyes

(Diana-Mary Nsan,
S.A. Media
To the Honourable Minister of Sports Development)



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